“It was life changing. The level of personal growth was a surprise.”

Dear Change Makers:
The inaugural WomenShare gathering, held April 30-May 2 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, was a success by any measure. From the amazing stories shared to the sobering challenges acknowledged, from the provocative propositions we crafted to the art and music we created together, our harvest was as bountiful as it was beautiful.

Thank you to the 140+ change makers who took up the work of WomenShare with so much heart and passion and made it their own. Thank you for making the inaugural WomenShare 2013 so memorable and inspiring!

As you reflect on your own memories from our time together, we invite you to visit the
WomenShare 2013 page for a few highlights gleaned from our gathering.

WomenShare was never intended to be just an event but, rather, a movement. So naturally the question on everybody’s lips is “What does the future hold?” This remains to be seen. What’s certain is that wherever WomenShare goes from here, whatever it becomes, we will journey there together!

With gratitude,
The WomenShare Team